MRP’s entire focus is on identifying change that will shift the equilibrium and create an investment opportunity. To do so, we take an inductive approach, which means keeping an open mind and letting the data, news and events unfolding speak to the shifts occurring across the globe.
What’s more, we share this inductive idea-generation process with our clients. Each day, we will send you our Daily Intelligence Briefing (“DIBs”) of news and macro data that rises to the top of what we believe is relevant to signaling change. When we are struck with a new thematic idea, we will map it out for you in the DIBs or in Joe Mac’s Market Viewpoint report.
You should look to us for the over-arching idea. We do not spend time on earnings models, as so many others already do so. Accordingly, we do not recommend individual securities. We believe that a significant component of alpha comes from getting the big picture right — such as sector, industry, and theme — and that’s what we aim to do.
The catalysts for our ideas come from any number of areas: Macroeconomic shifts and business cycle turns; policy and political changes; scientific and technological inventions; health and demographic transitions; business model innovations; or even environment and natural events. MRP’s research uses only publicly-available data, filtered through proprietary screens and analytical tools.