Graphene, a semi-metal that’s composed of a single layer of carbon atoms, is being hailed as the “Wonder Material” of the future because of all its potential uses. While it is still early days yet, and no company has fully developed an application that’s ready to be deployed for mass market use, MRP believes investors should follow this space closely. Graphene has the potential to be transformative for many industries, and major breakthroughs could occur at any time.

Graphene boasts some incredible properties. Not only is it the strongest material known to science right now (200 times stronger than steel), it’s also the thinnest and lightest (nearly zero mass) material in the world. Graphene also has amazing thermal and electrical conductivity properties. Indeed, it conducts heat better than diamond, conducts electricity better than silver, is extremely malleable, and impermeable to gases.

All of this means graphene can be used for many different things, from high capacity batteries to flat screen TVs, bullet-proof vests, spacecraft, nanomaterials, medical sensors, and DNA sequencers. Scientists believe graphene transistors may be able to operate at frequencies of up to a thousand gigahertz, which is ten times the maximum of silicon, and are looking forward to the time when graphene will replace silicon microchips. Even ground into powder, graphene retains many of its extraordinary properties, so it could replace graphite or other forms of carbon . . .

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