While the 2010s belonged to FAANGs, a new grouping called the PANDAs could dominate in the 2020s, riding the tide of digital payments, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles & IoT, new media, and ecommerce.

The current decade, known as the era of internet 2.0, has seen social media, smartphones, online commerce, content streaming, and search engines, not only disrupt how we live and conduct business, but also democratize our access to information, products & services, content and even income. As far as investors are concerned, this era is best represented by the FAANG companies --Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google – undisputed leaders in their respective fields.

But, as we move closer to the third decade of the 21st century, into the era of internet 3.0, a different grouping of companies could claim market leadership. Indeed, the 2020s may be dominated by the PANDAs, a term coined recently by Brad Kenagy. The companies in this group include Paypal, Alphabet, Nvidia, Disney and Amazon. Each of these companies has at least one major secular trend driving growth and can claim the leadership spot in their respective sectors . . .

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