Guess what the following have in common: the USB flash drive; the first Intel PC processor; Google’s Suggest function, which automatically completes your search box text. All three were invented in Israel.

In the seventy years since the State of Israel was founded, the nation has evolved from a poor resource-deficient country into a tech titan that's disrupting fields as varied as medicine, agriculture, defense, energy, mobility and cybersecurity.

Israel’s transformation into the Startup Nation did not occur by chance. In the 1990s, the government set up a program called Yozma, which helped create a local venture fund industry that invested in burgeoning Israeli technologies. As the internet boom broke down geographic barriers, Israeli entrepreneurship mushroomed. Now, Israel has the most important tech eco-system outside of Silicon Valley and raises venture capital per capita at 2.5 times the rate of the United States and 30 times that of Europe.

Here are three hot sectors that are attracting investment from companies and governments around the world . . .

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