DIBs Report Roadmap

The Monday through Thursday Daily Intelligence Briefing reports are deep dives into a subject undergoing transformational change that we are examining to determine if there is an opportunity to generate alpha. The Friday DIBs is a weekly wrap-up.

When you open the DIBs you'll see an overview of the reports five sections, with links that will take you to the corresponding section.

  1. Today’s Market Insight is the main topic of the day. Clicking on the title of the piece - in blue - will bring up the full report. Also included are a set of charts followed by summaries of our source material which include a link to the original article.
  2. Market Insight Updates includes information we came across in our process that updates previous Market Insights and subjects we are monitoring.
  3. Active Thematic Ideas refers to themes where the stars have aligned for us at MRP, and we believe there’s an opportunity not yet priced in. It’s where we recommend that our clients focus their security selection efforts.
  • The themes listed link to an archived report so you can see when and why we added it. Also included is a link to all recent Market Insight reports we've written about that theme, allowing you to track its progress.
  • We regularly feature content about the themes we follow; look out for the THEME ALERT icon in the Market Insight and Market Insight Updates sections.
  1. Macroeconomic Indicators. Emerging dynamics shape MRP themes, this section contains newly released data relevant to the themes we are following.
  2. Joe Mac’s Viewpoints are monthly reports on big picture subjects from MRP’s Founder Joe McAlinden, former CIO of Morgan Stanley Investment Management. Read more about him here.

The way to use the report is to look at the Market Insight and glance at the subjects covered in the Market Insight Updates section, to decide if there’s anything you want to explore further. If so, dig in. If not, we missed you that day and will see you tomorrow. Over the course of a month you’re likely to find quite a few you’ll want to explore...

Clients subscribe as an efficient way to stay current on these kinds of subjects, and also follow Joe’s thoughts on the markets and change-driven thematic recommendations.